One hundred more gyroplanes joined the MagniGyro fleet, which today celebrates the production of gyro number 1400! The MagniGyro fleet gets bigger every year thanks to the enthusiastic pilots who have decided to make their rotary-wing dream come true. As is tradition, the special speech by company owner Vittorio Magni could not be missed. ‘Here […]

M24 PLUS receives German certification!

We are proud to announce that the M24 PLUS, powered by Rotax 915iS engine, has received the certification in accordance with the German Authority DAeC! Even Vittorio Magni, owner of the company, wanted to say a few words about it. “I am really proud of the result obtained! This certification represents an important milestone for the company […]


Another 100 gyros joined the MagniGyro fleet, which today celebrates the production of gyroplane number 1300! In keeping with tradition, Vittorio Magni, the company’s owner, couldn’t miss out. “Here we are, chatting 100 gyros away from the previous milestone of 1200. What do you think of this new achievement?” “I am extremely proud of this! […]

M16PLUS and M24PLUS now NTCA Type Approved in South Africa!

We are proud to announce that our M16PLUS and M24PLUS gyroplanes are now NTCA Type Approved in South Africa! “We are very enthusiastic about this new approval! – commented Vittorio Magni, CEO Magni Gyro – this achievement opens up new possibilities for the 915 engine.” Vittorio is extremely attached to South Africa and has visited the country on a number […]

MagniGyro presents: M16 Agri Gyro!

Agricultural production presents various challenges ranging from productivity, occupational health and safety, environmental protection, climate change and, last but not least, sustainability. New technologies that help face these challenges are considered to be of priority implementation.  There are two basic elements to take into account: aircraft must be performing and efficient but, above all, their […]

MagniGyro presents: Magnipedia!

We are really happy to announce today the launch of Magnipedia! Thanks to the collaboration with Phil Harwood, well-known pilot and instructor and creator of the Gyropedia, the Magnipedia is the innovative web portal dedicated exclusively to Magni Pilots, Magni Instructors and Magni Technicians! The Magnipedia website aims to become the point of reference for […]