One hundred more gyroplanes joined the MagniGyro fleet, which today celebrates the production of gyro number 1400! The MagniGyro fleet gets bigger every year thanks to the enthusiastic pilots who have decided to make their rotary-wing dream come true.

As is tradition, the special speech by company owner Vittorio Magni could not be missed.

‘Here we are, with 100 new gyros flying in the skies around the world. What has changed a year later?”

“The pride grows year by year! I am really happy to have seen another 100 gyroplanes leave the company and take off to different continents together with their owners. The photos and videos we receive daily from our customers show that we are doing a great job, but we will certainly not stop there! We are very determined and our mission remains to make as many people as possible aware of how beautiful and fun gyro flying is. The years go by, but the thanks must be renewed with even more enthusiasm. I would particularly like to thank the MagniGyro staff, my family and our partners; it is always a pleasure to celebrate these important milestones together with them.”

“Speaking of important milestones: can we say a few more words about the new M26?”

“The M26 is our latest production model, a fully enclosed tandem. After the small preview of the prototype at the Blois Show (France) in 2021, the first pre-series model was officially presented this year at AERO2022 in Friedrichshafen. It was a real thrill for me to discover that the name of the new-born was Victor! A surprise organised by my sons that will remain among my happiest memories. After several tests, I am happy to be able to communicate that the M26 Victor is a high-performance gyroplane with different qualities compared to the other models in the MagniGyro range. Official production will be launched in 2023, so keep following us, and keep your dreams flying high!”