Flying a Magni is a unique, exciting and fascinating experience. This gallery collects testimonies of pilots who like to tell and share their emotions while flying gyroplanes.

MagniGyro presenta: M16 Agri Gyro!

M16 Agri Gyro! Efficiency, power and sustainability: these are the main features of this agricultural autogyro.

MagniGyro presenta: M16 Agri Gyro!

Keith Hellyer’s mission is very important. He dedicates his life to protecting and monitoring the Tsavo’s Kasigau Corridor, in Kenya, where the threat of poachers is always present. The M24 Orion has proven to be a valid ally in this important task, allowing rapid travel and immediate intervention.

M24 PLUS - powered by Rotax 915iS

MagniGyro is proud to present the new M24 PLUS series, powered by Rotax 915iS! “During my trip to Bahamas, the M24 PLUS was superb and I flew with confidence over water for 8 hours so that is a testament to the fabulous product that all of you at Magni create. Thank you!” T.D – United States

M16 PLUS - powered by Rotax 915iS

MagniGyro is proud to present the new M16 PLUS series, powered by Rotax 915iS! “As the proud owner of the first Magni M16 PLUS in the U.S.A., I can tell you the performance is like none other. Takeoff, climb and speed performance exceeded my expectations. This gyroplane has incredible power reserve, more than enough for every aspect of flight. Takeoffs are breathtaking, cruise is smooth and landings are gentle. The Magni M16 PLUS is an incredible flying machine!” M.B. – United States

James Ketchell made it across Russia!

James Ketchell and his M16 are halfway through their long journey, they made it across Russia and they are now ready for the States! Enjoy your Gyro!

From Texas to Cuba

The four friends John Craparo, Mike Baker, Jon Prickett and Dayton Dabbs embarked on a magnificent journey from Taylor (Texas) to Havana, where they landed three days later. Determination, large expanses of water and two M16, these are the ingredients of their success.


Her passion and curiosity for the sky and its mysteries were cultivated at “La Sapienza University” where she graduated as an astrophysicist. Thanks to scholarships received from the University, Donatella furthered her education in the United States. Her doctoral research work on black holes was conducted at La Sapienza, led to the award of an internship at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, California, USA. Donatella Ricci is a balloon pilot, a gyroplane and helicopter pilot and instructor. She is also working for the Association “Donne dell ‘Aria” as vice-chairman. 8.399 meters above the ground. The fantastic world record of Donatella Ricci on board of a Magni Gyro M16, in an exciting movie to see and to review… …It’s all so worth it, the views from up there are uniquely magnificent and breath-taking’! –Donatella…


Film director, experienced pilot and great gyroplane fan! For a long time he has been producing high quality videos showing the beauty of flying in gyroplanes! . A camera expert, a great passion and a magnificent scenery: the best elements for a real breathtaking experience. The M22 Magni delivers a flight to remember.


Come and fly MagniGyro! You’ll get excited as Adalgisa! Enjoy your Gyro!